Stocking Stuffers

by modestinus

For those unaware, St. Bonaventure Publications (traditional Catholic publisher) runs a website with deeply discounted titles from TAN Books. You can access it here. I ordered from them a year or so ago and found that the titles I received were all in brand new condition. After browsing the website, I found a few gems that might interest some of you. I imagine they only have a handful of copies left.

  • Fr. Reginald Garrigou-Lagrange, The Three Ages of the Interior Life (2 Volumes), $22 – This is the seminal work from arguably the leading Thomistic theologian-philosopher of the 20th C. Normally this set runs $48, so the price is a steal. If I was stuck on an island and could only bring a handful of┬átitles with me, this would be among them. I am shocked they even have any copies left.
  • Venerable Mary of Agreda, The Mystical City of God (4 Hardcover Volumes), $75 – This is another steal. I actually haven’t read this work (or the abridged version). God willing, it’s something I’ll be able to sit down with when I turn 85 (a.k.a the day after I retire).
  • Fr. Ralph Wiltgen, The Rhine Flows Into the Tiber, $10.73 – This is one of the best accounts of the Second Vatican Council ever written and, to the best of my knowledge, it’s now out of print. (Amazon has used copies going for $50 or more.) I am sure it will come back into print eventually, but here’s your chance to get a copy at a discounted price.
  • Pope Leo XIII, Great Encyclical Letters of Pope Leo XIII, $15.60 – I actually own a copy of the original pressing of this book by Benziger Brothers. Leo XIII is fondly remembered for Rerum Novarum, but he issued a number of great encyclicals during his pontificate. They’re all here.

Anyway, poke around on the website. There are a lot of other great titles to be had for a fraction of their retail cost.

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