Religious Liberty Again

by modestinus


Not that they care what I think, but I’d have an easier time watching these videos from The Remnant if they dropped the intro graphics and music. They do nothing but had an air of faux drama which ultimately detracts from the seriousness of the topics they discuss. In other words, feel free to skip the first 30 seconds. Anyway…

I am posting this video for the simple fact that it contains a good overview of the traditional Catholic critique of the liberal origins of “religious liberty” and its incorporation into Church teaching after Vatican II. Christopher Ferrara, whose book Liberty: The God That Failed (Angelico Press 2013) has quickly become the essential text on the topic, presents the origins of the concept in Enlightenment thought before discussing how “freedom of religion” in the United States has steadily eroded the rights of the Catholic Church. Ferrara also does a good job brushing aside the hyperbolic, misguided, and disingenuous critiques of the traditional Catholic position, including the nonsensical claim — advanced recently by Tea Party Catholic extraordinaire Samuel Gregg — that Catholics who reject the teaching on religious liberty endorse closing non-Catholic churches and forced conversions.

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