Fitch the Homeless

by modestinus


I confess that a long time ago, in a shopping mall not too terribly far away, I was an employee of Abercrombie & Fitch. Since I haven’t properly processed my experience there through appropriate therapeutic methods, I won’t go into the details. What I will say is that I recall telling people at the time that when I get older, nobody is going to believe the tales I have to tell of that place. Thankfully, the years haven’t been kind to A&F. After losing a class-action lawsuit against their racist hiring policies, they’ve watched in horror as their sales have steadily declined to the point where they now offer unprecedented discounts on their clothing. Old Navy would be jealous. One of the company’s offshoot brands, the grown-up oriented Ruehl 925, went under quickly after A&F failed to realize that people in their late 20s/30s don’t want to dress like they are 18. Because of A&F’s proud “anti-fat” bias, perhaps they couldn’t find enough ex-frat boys, now well settled into their beer guts and sagging pectorals, to wedge into Ruehl’s clothing.

Anyway, as the linked video points out, A&F steadfastly refuses to donate damaged and unsold clothing to the homeless. They burn it instead. In response, one enterprising fellow has come up with an idea to help re-brand the company as the premiere clothier of the nation’s destitute. I wholeheartedly support this agenda.

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